to my


"Why is this happening to me",  seems to be a
​continuous question when we get sick of the same thing happening.

Surely you would think      "why is this  happening to me", would go away after all this time.?????!!!!!

Why can't we get it right?    The good news is , wecan.

Learn skills to allow you to feel good. 
How to move feelings like, sadness, hurt, rejection and any other uncomfortable feeling......allow yourself to feel happy.

Just feel good 24/7. 

There is only Love, you are unique ....

Let's find out your best quality...
LOVE ........    this is one way to bring a loving feeling into your body..... keep reading
I have worked with many people who are interested in changing the way they live or the way they are treated.

I have also found not many want to really change because they feel safe in their old ways.

It's ok if you do want to or not, but make the best of what you have. 

When I am with someone I often find what is wonderful about them.  ..........Everyone is wonderful.........  Many have just forgotten or have not been reminded by the people they associate with everyday.

If you are keen to change a few things, I'd like to introduce some  skills you could use to find out why it keeps happening to you.

1.Think of something you really like, that makes you feel really good.......it puts a smile on your face everytime you think of it. 
 One word to describe it...............
 a word that will create a beautiful warm feeling.

good......real good.......next

2. What is your favourite colour.............when you have thought of your favourite colour, do you always wear that colour on you somewhere.
Just think

You have your special word...........
You have your favourite colour.........

3. You say the word to yourself all day........mmmmm.. all day .     Your mind wants to think about all sorts of things, just repeat the word...... all day.

4. Now that you have your favourite colour, put that colour around anything that upsets you. Just put a coloured bubble around the thought, and repeat your special word. The colour bubble will eventually dissolve the thoughts in a nurturing way. 
(try it, what do have to lose)


5.The other thing you maybe in touch with is NATURE
What is your favourite nature place, eg beach, water, waves, trees, wilderness, animals, dolphins, forest, etc.  Please make sure you touch or visit your favourite nature spot once or twice a week to remind you of the wonderful feeling it gives you when you are there. ( That feeling is all you


You can feel the love and some joy almost instantly within yourself when you keep repeating that word...........
                       wearing your favourite colour................
 and feel the feeling in your place of Nature ..................

                    Practice makes perfect.

I had a friend who would wear yellow socks as a support of being connected to his feelings.It remind him of the his word and colour. It helped him anchor it in his body. His mind would be busy remembering his word and thinking of his place in nature.

Always nurture yourself, stay around people who care or love you. If you feel there is no one, please become a member of our family so we can nurture you and find the beautiful you.

We can show you skills which will bring your life to something you have always dream.Our very first task is to find the beautiful You     take care